Anna Gedda

Head of Sustainability | H&M


Anna Gedda was appointed head of sustainability at H&M in January 2015 when she also became a member of the company’s executive management team.

As one of the first large fashion companies to recognise consumer demand for greater transparency and ethical production methods, H&M continues to invest in transforming its practices for the 21st century, including sustainable sourcing of cottons and paying workers a fairer wage. Now at the forefront of such efforts, Gedda advocates that this is in the company’s long-term interest.

Before taking over as head of sustainability, Gedda held various roles within the H&M sustainability department from 2008 onwards, including social sustainability programme developer and social sustainability manager. With a background at the Ministry of Finance of Sweden, Gedda holds a master’s degree in political science and a bachelor’s degree in business and economics.

Below Gedda’s 2016 keynote: